1.Out Of The Dark And Into The Night (6:11)
2.Separate Worlds (5:43)
3.Chosen Destiny (5:25)
4.Perhaps In Death (7:25)
5.Trapped Within The Wind (2:49)
6.Done (5:30)
7.Still (6:33)
8.Tomorrow’s Chance (4:50)
9….my Departed (5:21)
10- The Shaddow Of The Cross (6:21)
Recording line-up:
Elin Anita Omholt – Vocals
Eddie Risdal – Guitars, screams, synth
Tor Arvid Larsen – Guitars
Emo Olsen aka Anton Dead – Bass

Christopher Midtsvéen Vigre – Drums

Guest musicians:

Knut Magne Valle – Guitar solo on “Out Of The Dark And Into The Night”, effects
Silje – Child’s cry
Jason Deaville – Spoken parts on “…my Departed”
Recorded by Ancestral Legacy, mixed and mastered by Knut Magne Valle with Ancestral Legacy
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Nightmare Diaries

Release Date : 01/03/2010
Artist : Ancestral Legacy
Catalog ref. : FMR008
Format : CD