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Ancestral Legacy


Ancestral Legacy Bio

The history of Ancestral Legacy

The band Permafrost was founded in December 1995 by the two buddies Eddie Risdal (Guitars, vocals) and Kjell-Ivar Aarli (Bass, vocals). The intention was nothing serious, just having fun, playing covers of the favourite bands and make music in the similar vein. The main inspirations were bands like Ulver, Dissection, Darkthrone and In Flames. In 1998 Øyvind Rosseland joined the band as a keyboard player, and the sound developed into more symphonic black metal, and the band found the name less suiting, and it was changed to Ancestral Legacy. The band’s first self titled demo was released in August 2000, and the second in March 2002, before both Kjell-Ivar and Øyvind left the band. Sole remaining member Eddie then gathered new members throughout the year.

First demo in the new style was “Of Magic Illusions”, released Spring 2003, followed by “NOvember” later the same year and “Goodbye Reality the year after. Except for a homemade DVD release in 2005 the band was low on activity until mid 2007 when Christopher Vigre had filled the empty drum chair, and a recording session started.

A 5 track EP “Trapped Within The Words” was released in April 2008, the album “Nightmare Diaries” was released Spring 2010 on the label Femme Metal Records. After the recording vocalist Elin had to leave the band due to an injury after a car crash. She was replaced by the Mexican chica Isadora Cortina. The band since played in Norway, France, Germany and The Netherlands. A new bass player, Jarl Ivar Brynhildsvoll, was also joining the ranks in 2011.

In January 2012 the recording of the follow-up started. The recording was finished in June the same year, but in standard AL tradition there had to be some fuck-ups, and the mixing/mastering took no less than 13 months. The album “Terminal” was released in September 2014, thru Whispering Voice Records. Tor Arvid Larsen left the band early 2013, after more than 10 years in the band. He was replaced by Jon Rune Førland.

Ancestral Legacy has signed a deal with Whispering Voice Records for det release of their album ‘Terminsl’. Terminal was Ancestral Legacys third studioalbum, and it was released on Whispering Voice Records september 20th, 2014.

Ancestral Legacy Videos

Here is some videos from Ancestral Legacy

  • Terminal (Acoustic June 2016)

  • There Is No Birth And Death - Live 27th May 2011

  • Crash Of Silence


Last News

The bands latest release, ‘The Silent Frontier’, is a co-release with Veil Of Mist from France.

The Band


Isadora Cortina

Vocals and keyboards

Eddie Risdal

Guitars and vocals
Jon Rune

Jon Rune Førland

Guitars and vocals

Christopher Midtsveen Vigre


A.L. Discography

  • Ancestral Legacy (Demo, 2000)
  • Emptiness (Demo, 2002)
  • Of Magic Illusions (Demo, 2003)
  • November (Demo, 2003)
  • Goodbye Reality (Promo, 2004)
  • Crash of Silence (DVD, 2005)
  • Of Magic Illusions (Studioalbum, 2005)
  • Trapped Within the Words (EP, 2008)
  • Nightmare Diaries (Studioalbum, 2010)
  • Terminal (Studioalbum, 2014)
  • The Silent Frontier (EP, 2019)

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