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History of Whispering Voice Records

Our Story

Whispering Voice Records aw the light for the first time in 2014. For a long time me and my band were trying to get a record-deal. We all knew we had a great product, since we’d spent way more then a year on it. And deal we did get. But they weren’t good at all. They were typically like this: “The label will give you 200 cd’s which you can sell or do whatever with, and then we own everything else and all rights from now on and till the end of days. No royalites will be paid/label takes all royalites”. We even got deals like this from great labels, and though we tought it would’ve been great being signed by a big label, what did we get for it? So my head starting doing what it always does when facing challanges. It started thinking outside the box.

That was whenI came up with the idea of self-releasing it. That also ment putting in all the works, all the promotion and the distribution. To get the it organized, and to have more more weight behind the work, I decided to start a tiny record recordlabel. And from there i started to learn myself how to do all the work that was needed.

Over the years I’ve just gotten better and better at it. The release back in 2014 went much better then expected, and though the label went dorment for a couple of years, i never stopped keeping up. And then, in 2020 I wanted to get label up and running. Bigger, better, harder.

Our goal

Our vision for the label is to provide bands and artists with an all-included servicetable. That means that you provide the hard work and product, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll take the expenses and we’ll figure out the rest together.

Our services includes.

  • Cd-printing
  • Merch-printing
  • Promotion
  • Distribution
  • Booking
  • …and much more.