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About Me

I started Whispering Voice Records as a project. At the time I played in a band called Ancestral Legacy. The band was about to release a new album and were trying to get a deal with a label that could help us get our music out there. That would turn out to be harder then it seemed.

Having faith that the album was strong and really good, we wouldn’t go for just any deal, even though deals were coming in. None of the deals would actually give us anything but promotion. And most of the contracts weren’t really specified.

Having made some research it became more and more clear to me that releasing the album ourselves would give us more then any deals that had been laid on the table so far. The challenging part would be promoting.

So I went ahead and made a list over all the contacts I made over the years travelling and playing aroud the world with various bands. And the list became longer then I had expected. After this I started contacting all those people and started making deals that would benefit us both.

But I wanted the release to be more then just another self-release. I wanted more punch to it. I knew that self-releases often disappears in a pile of other releases. If it came from another label I knew it would automatically be more noticed. So the idea to start up a label to give out own music started, and I ‘went to school’ to learn how to this the right way. I wanted the label registered.

I still hadn’t found a good name for the recordlabel, and started brainstorming, writing down any name I could think of, and cross referencing it with names that were allready taken and ask my friends what they thought of the names. But I felt that the names didn’t match what I had in mind. But then, on a rehearsel with the band it just came to me. The band had a song called Whispering Voices. So the name Whispering Voice Records came to pass.

The next step was to get it registered, and to contact Gramo to make it official. I also got the logo made by someone very skilled. I tried to make a logo myself, but I was never satisfied with what I made, and my skills simply weren’t enough. So I hired a skilled artist by the name of Stine, and she came up with many ideas and I finally lande don the logo that is today.  

With everything finally in order, everything registered and network in place, I finally felt like we were ready to launch the album.

The album was released 29th of september and the release went very well. Soon after other band started contacting me. They had noticed that the album were everywhere and also that it was released by Whispering Voice Records. I hadn’t even thought of releasing anything else, but when Ares from Witchbreed asked me, I just could say no. I mean, when one of the original members from Moonspell contacts you and ask you for a favour, you just don’t say no. Up to this point I had said no to at least 7-8 other bands. I wanted to focus on my own music, but started a new round with contacting my network asking for another favour.

It hadn’t gone unnoticed that the album had done so well, and many in my network told me I should keep doing this. That I could actually make some money out of this. I wasn’t in it for the money, and everything the label had made so far went back to the band. But to pay the expences at least, that wouldn’t be asking too much. So, album number two was released on desember 15th, 2014.

After this I started doing more promotions for varoius bands. As I was still actively playing music and touring, being proactive when meeting new musicians on the road, my network started to grow. And I not only met with musicians, but also other people within the industry of rock and metal.

More will come…