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New single out soon
"Silent Night"
— By Arvas

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Arvas playing at Hellion rock & metal pub

Chilling With Arvas

Next release in:

Queen Of StormsBy Witchbreed

The mini-album ‘Queen Of Storms’ was released on Whispering Voice Records December 15, 2014. It is available in our stores.

Tour DatesAnnounced

Due to the pandemic we now are facing all over the world, all touring and concerts has been cancelled. We hope to see you all again as soon as this is over.

Upcoming Shows

  • Nov06 Nov06 Hellion rock & metal pub
  • Nov07 Nov07 Youtube and Twitch Youtube Free

Featured Video This Month

This month featured video is from Arvas, WVR newliest signed band. This video was shot in Oslo, Norway, on a venue called Rock In, on September 06th, 2019

It was a part of their Norwgian Equanimty-tour.

AboutWhispering Voice Records

Whispering Voice Records is an independent recordlabel promoting rock, hardrock and metal, all over the world. More info to come shortly